Patrik Rikama – Hypermedia developer

Hello world, this is the superfly web and mobile freelancer. Whats my recipe for a good website? Maybe start from clear communication, true spirit and wrap it in a great user experience with proper technology and good design. Keep the user in the center of it all and ask them what matters or tell them what matters. Finally put it on the web, make it mobile and jazz it up with some hypermedia.

Who am I

After a career as a professional football player I have flipped some steaks as a developer. The development, design and production skills as a web and content creator is a result of my work in producing websites for sport events, e-commerce companies, a medical brand and digital marketing projects for some well known IT-companies.

Studies in  mobile application development on iOS & Android gives me a foundation in coding beyond front-end technologies.

Design, video, photography and music are also present in projects i have done.


Web / App / Photo / Video
Web development / WordPress
Basics in JS / Java / seo
Swedish / Finnish / English
Ex-footballer: top leagues in Finland, Sweden, Bulgaria.


Tel: +46721884508
Skype: patrik.rikama
LinkedIn: Patrik Rikama
GitHub: @KoolP
Gothenburg, Sweden / Helsinki, Finland



DJ KOOL P – mashup
Stromae, Alors on dance Vs. Audio Push, Teach me how to jerk